A special gift prepared by and born from the owner’s years of training abroad that features Japanese aesthetic,
not confined to its boundaries.
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SEN’s Confiture

A gift that was born from the owner’s playful interpretation of jam, made from the blueberries and Japanese Sansho peppers sourced from Ōhara, Kyoto, the home of the proprietress of this restaurant.
An interesting and exquisite confiture for adults that combines the sweetness of the fruit with a Japanese spice.

Price: Three-piece set 5,600yen(Tax not included)

Best Before:365 days after manufacture

method of payment:Cash transfer only

postage:Nationwide uniform 880yen(tax included) Hokkaido Okinawa remote island 1,080yen(tax included)


Blueberry and Japanese Sansho pepper

Ingredients:Blueberry(Made in USA),Suger,Lemon juice,Sansho,Tea/Gelling agent(Pectin),Acidulant,flavouring,(Including some apples)

Strawberry and Rhubarb and Yuzu-Citron

Ingredients:Fruits etc.(Rhubarb(Made in Poland),Strawberry,Yuzu-Citrus Zest),Suger,Lemon juice,Gelling agent(Pectin),Acidulant,(Including some apples)

Citrus and Mango and Ginger

Ingredients:Fruits(Mango(Made in Thailand),Shiranui,Lemon),Suger,Ginger paste,Lemon juice/Gelling agent(Pectin),Acidulant,(Including some apples)




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